What Is Fleece?

Fleece fabric is one of the most versatile and dynamic materials available for making clothing, blankets, jackets, and other accessories. Those who live in cold, or damp climates can appreciate the warmth that fleece brings to the table. Many fashion retailers already know this. Companies such as L.L. Bean and The North Face, for example, have entire lines of fleece clothing from base layer items to outerwear. 

At Kernow Fleece we take advantage of this incredible function but also use the particular stretch and drape properties of the fabric to make interesting funky and usual clothing accessories and stuff !

Colour safe and vibrant. Fleece does not fade.

There are different qualities of fleece but we at Kernow Fleece use a high quality expensive polar fleece for all our products.

Fleece has so many uses, we are sure you’ll enjoy the convenience of fleece material in your life.

So how exactly does fleece function to keep people feeling good in the bad weather? The answer lies in the structure of the fleece fabric. Fleece traps a barrier of air warmed by your own body temperature next to your skin. This means that cold air is trapped outside of the material and warm air is trapped inside, and this is how fleece helps your body stay warm. While fleece is trapping warmth close to your skin, its fibers are wicking moisture away from your skin and transferring it to the outside by a process called capillary action. That’s how fleece continues to provide warmth even when it’s wet. Not only is fleece warm, but it’s porous structure makes it incredibly breathable. For that reason, fleece is the best choice you can make for comfortable outdoor clothing needs, whether you’re  in a Kick jumper walking the dog over the downs, wrapping up watching the sun set above Summerleaze beach or draped over flimsy frock a wrap cardigan stole going into Langhams etc etc 

Fleece is tough enough and durable enough to go where you go. 

And the vibrant colourfast colours have the added bonus of being quick to wash and being even quicker to dry makes it oh so perfect for the small people!